Mike the Molar


Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Mike and I am a molar! I have a great job that allows me to visit kids and teach them about proper oral hygiene. It’s a pretty cool presentation that not only talks about how to brush and floss but also includes proper nutrition and the difference between healthy vs. non healthy snacks.

Here is what my complimentary program consists of:

  • A short cartoon DVD explaining the first dental visit and how to care for your teeth.
  • A demonstration by a trained dental assistant about good oral hygiene.
  • A question and answer session.
  • A visit from Mike (that’s me).
  • A take-home goody bag for each child with dental prizes inside (toothbrush, tooth brushing timer, stickers, and other surprises)!

If you would like to schedule a visit, please call Dr. Blankenship’s office (you can call her Dr. B) at (727) 446-4699. Can’t wait to hear from you!!



we put big smiles on little faces